How Technology Has Impacted Our Modern World

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Richard Arkwright Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: January 6, 2013
For a long period of time, the way of life for most people were long, tedious days at work, with not much to show for, hardly any time to spend with family, and being fortunate to come home in a mildly presentable. Thanks to technology, most of these issues have been touched upon and improved. With inventions such as the steam engine, the water frame, the cotton gin, and the spinning jenny, our modern day might not have been so fortunate or plentiful. With the help of these inventions in the industrial revolution, post-revolutionary inventors and entrepreneurs were given the inspiration for their creations that led to the efficient lifestyles we live today. Although these new technologies made life a bit more bearable, there were still problems such as the lack of safety precautions and the amount of hours put into a single workday. With the help of time and new inventors, these problems were fixed, and the initial inventions were improved to better our lifestyles. Even though these primitive machines had very much noise pollution with all the screeching and grinding of their clogs, our modern lifestyle might still reflect those of the period prior to the industrial revolution without these breakthroughs in technology.

One of the many inventions that have had a significant impact on modern day would be the steam engine, perfected by James Watt. The steam engine was used in factories, mills, and mines and was also used for powering pump stations and propelling the railway locomotives and steam ships. This new way to power automobiles and to help increase production rates was touched upon and tinkered with throughout the years. The steam engine, which had a problem with noise pollution, was very primitive at the time. Many people would lose their hearing, or have trouble at work because of the extremely loud noises. This however, was not a problem for time. Throughout the years, the size of the steam engine has managed to become a fraction of the initial size,...
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