How Technology Changes, New Global Economy, and World's Population Explosion Affect People on an Individual Level

Topics: English-language films, Civilization, Culture Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Today’s society is very different from the society that was here hundreds of years ago. Society changes everyday as things progress. Technology global economy and increase in the world’s population are great factors in the way things change. I do not believe it will affect me much but I do believe it will affect my son, and more for those generations after. As technology advances the more ways we make our lives easier. Not only does it help with our daily routines, but technology also helps in making sure that we can live our lives longer than was possible before. Because technology has advanced it has also made it easy for the world to communicate with each other. For example: a doctor in the U.s is working on a cure but is not able to get the formula just right, and at the same time a doctor in Europe is doing the same thing. Before these two doctors would not have been able to collaborate with each other, but with the technology we have now they are. People now can also have a company anywhere in the world without having to be there. Having the world’s population increase makes it that we have a higher chance to advance as a civilization, but it can also affect us by causing more diseases to spread, harder times getting a job, or a place to live. Now that the world’s population has increased and it’s becoming more global, cultures are now becoming mixed. People are taking what they learn as children and mix it with the way their significant other was taught. People are now seeing that many cultural’s histories are similar. Because cultural are being mixed there is a lot more people who are interested in learning other cultural.
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