How successful was the National (constituent) Assembly in satisfying the demands of the third estate between August 1789 and September 1791?

Topics: French Revolution, Tax, National Constituent Assembly Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: March 12, 2014
How successful was the National (constituent) Assembly in satisfying the demands of the third estate between August 1789 and September 1791? The National Constituent Assembly was created by the Third Estate deputies on the 10th June 1789 when the deadlock was broken. A motion was passed saying that the deputies would have to start verifying their credentials, eventually priests started to agree with this idea and after a debate where the third estate voted 490 to 90 to call themselves the National Assembly. Eventually the National Assembly was joined by the clergy on the 19th of June. The constituent assembly made many changes to the system that was in place, for example they provided the Third estate with equality as they established a principle. The tithe, any financial privileges, tax exemptions and seigneurial courts were abolished. Equality was also given to the Third estate through the Rights of Man, this meant that everyone would be treated equally before the law and they set out the principles for which the new constitution would be based. This meant that all citizens would be treated the same, receive a fair trial and pay equal taxes. This was much easier for the third estate since they felt like equals and life was easier on them. There were also changes to the political system, for example there were now active citizens (men above the age of 25 who paid a tax at least 3 days of a labourers wage) the third estate were more likely to be fulfilled, therefore they would be more satisfied. Furthermore, Land taxes were introduced and taxes such as the gabelle (tax on salt) and indirect taxes were also abolished, this meant that the Third estate would not be paying the most taxes, all the middle and upper class people who owned properties would have to pay too. Furthermore, Church land was sold, meaning people (mainly from the third estate – bourgeouisie) were able to lead better lives all around. However there were also many factors suggesting that the...
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