How Ronald Reagan won the cold war

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How Ronald Reagan Won the Cold War

Ronald Reagan was the key individual whose political, economic and military initiatives were later responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall and victory of the United States in the Cold War. The policies implemented by the Reagan Administration were released in declassified National Security Decision Directives stating to use “economic, military and political initiatives..[to] convince the Soviet ruling that unless it shared power with the Soviet people it would lose all of it.”1 Even before Reagan became president he had become a spokesperson for General Electric and a television personality where he would speak out against communism and the Soviet Union. In 1950 he joined a group called the “Crusade for Freedom”2 that fought for the end of the Soviet Empire in the east of Europe. He had given many speeches at anti-Communist events and even made documentaries to relay the message. He had always anticipated to bring down the Berlin Wall and consistently continued the fight against communism when he became president. Throughout the Cold War the Reagan Administration developed and believed in a number of policies that led to U.S victory. Reagan’s determination helped him confront the Soviet Union and challenge them in every way possible. The Containment Policy was one that Reagan believed would work against the Soviet Union. This policy was to prevent the spread of communism and was a response to the Soviet Union’s attempt to enlarge communism throughout Europe. Reagan never hesitated to enlighten the world and president of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev, about the evil of communism. Ever since Reagan’s first meeting with Gorbachev in November 1985 he had shrugged off all threats by the Soviets. Reagan took political initiative and used his power to communicate his messages to lead to the destruction of the Soviets. He used Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Marti and made broadcasts that contained coded messages for leaders of resistance movements, distributing Korans that described the Soviet abuse of Muslims. He changed radio stations in Poland by providing a Catholic mass and in Soviet Central Asia the radio programs voiced the incompatibility between Islam and the forced ideology of communism that ended up being good influences on these countries. Reagan was the one to realize Poland was disrupting the Soviet’s influence on in the east of Europe and thought if Poland broke away from their hold then other countries would follow. Reagan had set up in seven years around 1,500 underground newspapers, journals and 2,400 books and pamphlets to be circulated to relay his message. Even at soccer matches there would be anti-Communist messages that would pop up during the breaks. Reagan knew the power and value of human freedom and that is what helped guide his vision and beliefs on politics throughout the world. He knew how to deal with the Soviet Union and always had a large strategic vision. Reagan fought for 40 years against communism and during those years it cost him many things in his life such as his first marriage, the relationship he had with his children, death threats and even three assassination attempts against him but he never stopped. He believed that his purpose in life was to defeat communism. He once challenged Gorbachev in a speech he gave at the Berlin Wall in Germany on June 12th 1987 where he said “Tear down this wall.”3, something that will be remembered as one of the most important moments in the Cold war history and said to be “The four most famous words of Ronald Reagan’s Presidency.”4 Reagan’s passion and political initiatives of spreading the ideology of Western Democracy and stopping the spread of communism was a key concept in putting an end to the Cold War and noother president was as comitted as Ronald Reagan to ending the cold war At the beginning Ronald Reagan realized a planned economy could...
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