How Network Novel Affecting Chinese Popular Culture?

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Individual Paper
How Network novel affecting Chinese popular culture?

Instructor: Dr. Tong Wing-sze
Fung Lok Yee (12655171)
Associate Degree Year 1


1 Introduction P.2 2 What is network novel?
3.1 Definition of network novel P.2 3.2 The situation of network novel in China P.2 3.3 Popular network novel genera in China P.3 3 How network novel affecting China?

4.4 Case Study- Love is not blind (失戀33天 小說,或者求生指南) 4.5.1 Introduction of Love is not Blind P.3 4.5.2 State of Love is not Blind P.4 4.5 What do network novel bring to China? 4.6.3 Literary Work P.4 4.6.4 Mass Media P.5 4 Conclusion P.5 5 References P.6

Starting from 21 century, World Wide Web became popular in China. People started to pursue the literary entertainment on the Internet besides suffering on the net. This helps promoting the form of network novel. Network novel become a hot topic in China, because of the adapting trend on the network novel to a film, online game or TV series. The following information will discuss about how network novel affecting Chinese popular culture.

What is network novel?
1. Definition of network novel
Network novel also called web fiction, internet fiction, online fiction, network fiction, web novel, internet novel or online novel. It is defined as: Original fiction that is written for and published to the web. Network novel is always original; and usually hosted on the writer's own domain or a literary website. In China, network novel is a uniquely literary term, and there are three criteria needed to be met for it to count as a network novel: it used the internet as a medium; it wrote online stories; and both author and readers were internets users. 2. The situation of network novel in China

Starting from 1998, Chih-heng Tsai posted the first novel on a BBS. From that time, Chinese created a new medium to share literary work. A research Chinese Academy of Press and Publication show that in 2011 there were 38.6% adult reading through a digital way, which included online reading, reading on mobile phone, electronic reader, CD, MP4/MP5/PDA. The number has increased 14.1% since the first research started in 2008. And there were 29.9% adult reading online. In this number of people, there were16.8% adult read e-Book. The research shows that, reading online will be a trend for Chinese to reading.

3. Popular network novel genera in China
In different types of network novel, there are few genera which are popular in nowadays China. 1. Romance
The main purpose of romance novel is to create a love story, based on the love story as the main content and the main line. 2. Martial Arts(also known as Wuxia武俠小說)
Martial Arts novel is a broad genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists. 3. Time travelling
In this type of novel, the characters have met a time travelling which makes them going back or go to the future. Based on this experience, they have to use their own knowledge to live in a new society. 4. Fantasy

Fantasy novel used a wonderland and strange things as the main content. Using nonhuman species and supernatural ability as the structural element and exciting plot the attract readers’ interests. 5. Fantasy with Martial Arts

In the story, the characters know martial arts, they mainly emphasis on internal cultivation. In the cultivation process, the characters can live...

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