How dose information system influence people’s work

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How dose information system influence people’s work

1.0 Introduction

Information systems are composed of a person, computer and other peripheral devices, which can help people and organizations to collect, filter, process, transmit data in a convenient way(Dimitrios, Sakas & Vlachos, 2013). They have greatly revolutionized the way people’s work since they were formatted in the 1950s with the development of software and hardware of computer science(Petter, DeLone & McLean, 2012). They can be considered as a factor of conduction which can replace the traditional capital and labor, thus reducing our costs and capital requirements, according to the viewpoint of economists(Venkatesh, Brown & Bala, 2013). Technological determinism and social determinism are the two confrontational theories that discuss the relationship between technology and society, the former stresses the importance of modern technology, thinks that technology dominates the society, however the latter emphasizes that social factors influence and control the development of technology(Leonardi & Barley, 2010).

First of all, the author analyzes the meanings of technological determinism and social determinism, expounds background of the problem. Then the author analyzes different ways of information systems’ effects by using these two mutually exclusive theories. Furthermore, the author takes the case of human resource information system for example to discuss how HRIS changes the role of human recourses. At last, the author makes the conclusion.

2.0 Literature review
Technological determinism is a theory that supposes that a society’s technology drives the social structure and human development as a key force. The theory is considered to be created by Thorstein Veblen, an famous American sociologist, in his book The Engineers and the Price System(Mcarthy, 2013). It is built on the basis of two principles, one is that technology is autonomous, the other is technological changes would lead to changes in society. The theory can be categorized into two kinds, namely: hard technological determinism and soft determinism. Hard determinism is an extreme technological determinism, holds the opinion that technology is the only factor that determines the social development, denying or underestimating the restrictive factors of technology. Soft determinism thinks that technology is not only emerged in the society, but also counter-productive to it. Technology pessimisms and optimisms are the two main kinds of thought of technological determinism, the former believes that technology is a solution to all human problems and the reliable guarantee of people for more happiness, the latter consider that technology has a orientation of inhumane value inherently and modern technology has brought terrible influences to human society and culture.

Information technology determinism is the specific representation of technological determinism in the information age. To analyze the information system with the technology determinism, the author draws following conclusions. On the one hand, the information system has made it possible for people to send and receive information faster and easier to improve efficiency and quality of work. For example, the charm of public figures relies on the momentum of their articles in the print culture, pleasing voices in the radio times, perfect performance under the camera in the television age, to win an election. But with the help of information system, the candidates can have a good plan of their election, master public will, predict their chances. On the other hand, the information systems have a bad effect that people rely on them more and more, leading to the alienation of human. People become lazier and never meditate on the sense of human life.
Social determinism is basically the theory that social interactions and constructs...
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