How does time period assumptions affect accountants analysis of accounting transactions?

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Deferral, Income statement Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: October 1, 2013
because its affecting the time period concept and it also violates the GAAP. its affects because they have to record the things in balance sheet or income statement in the correct time period

2. State two generally accepted accounting principles that
relate to adjusting the accounts. Matching Principles is where the expenses could be coordinated with revenues. Revenue Recognition Principle states that an accountant should acknowledged revenue because it is the principle that deals with what has been earned in the accounting period.

3. Rick Marsh, a lawyer, accepts a legal engagement in March, performs the work in April, and is paid in May. If Marsh’s law firm prepares monthly financial statements, when should it recognize revenue from this engagement? Why? Rick should recognize revenue in April because this is the month that the revenue was earned. Reason being is that the questions states what month the revenues earned which is April.

4. Why do accrual-basis financial statements provide more useful information than cash-basis statements? Accrual-basis financial statements is more useful than a cash- basis statement because when using the accrual- basis you can reveal the future information needed for revenues that have been earned and can be earned.

8. Distinguish between the two categories of adjusting entries, and identify the types of adjustments applicable to each category. The two categories for adjusting entries are accrual and deferrals. Accruals deals with revenues and expenses while Deferrals deals with prepaid expenses and revenues.

1.A) Its affects because they have to record the things in balance sheet or income statement in the correct time period. 2.A particular accounting method, once adopted, will not be changed from period to period. It helpful when evaluate the financial results of two different periods. 3.On the basis of periodic measurement assumption, revenue should recognize when work has been completed, so revenue...
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