How does the production and consumption of media texts change through remediation?

Topics: Mass media, Newspaper, Internet Pages: 3 (2228 words) Published: October 23, 2014
How does the production and consumption of media texts change through remediation In our Engaging Media unit, one of the things we have learned about immensely is the process of remediation. Remediation is relatively new to the world, what with it only emerging together with the sudden rise in technology. In todays modern age, anything to do with technology or modernization plays a prominent part in society. Since remediation is so closely interlinked with technology, itby defaultis very important to our world today too. The way we view media today has changed considerably when compared to even just ten years prior. The media culture has evolved. The average human went from going to the supermarket in the morning to buy newspaper to going online in the morning to read BBC Online. Statistics show that printed news is still popular among people, with 84 of adults who are college graduates or higher in the United States having admitted to reading printed newspaper over online news (Nielsen Wire, 2009). However, the consistent rise in the number of people who choose online news to printed news cannot be disputed. According to Pew Research (2009), the percentage of people who read online news for all age groups have risen, the most drastic rise being in the Generation Y sector, that is the sector of the population that was born in the year 1977 or later. According to the article, the percentage of people who chose to read newspapers in 2006 was 22, more than twice what it was in 20089. Though the death of print media is greatly exaggerated at present time, it is very likely to come. With technology becoming more and more important to society in an increasingly rapid timeframe, you can expect that its death will come much quicker than expected. So with that, we must ask ourselves how does the production and consumption of media texts change through remediation Old media is basically referred to traditional means of communication and expression way before the existence...
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