How does Browning tell the story in 'The Patriot'?

Topics: Patriot, The Patriot, Poetry Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: March 4, 2015
CTG: Next time I need to ensure the accuracy of my point and it rekates clearly to the context and I avoid repetition. I will achieve this by proof reading before handing y essay in and planning my essay in depth before writing it. How does Browning tell the story in The Patriot?

The poem ‘the patriot’ showcases the possible effective result of a political uprising which reveals the evident fickle nature of societies supposed loyalty towards a potential leader. This ambiguous yet timeless poem also suggests that revolution is not at society’s best interest but rather reform is a much more effective way to lead society. The beginning of ‘The Patriot’ reveals the linear chronology which is supported through out by an extremely reflective first person narration. Through the reflective tone of the narrator a clear sense of immediacy is highlighted as the pasts better memories are reminisced on: “It was roses, roses, all the way”. The emphasis on the “roses” signify the connection to England and the love, at this point, between the people are ‘The Patriot’. Also, due to the reminiscing on good memories in stanza one is builds the readerships interpretation and mood as an uplifting and everlasting poem which is slightly deceiving. In the second stanza the mood and the readerships interpretation quickly changes as ‘The Patriot’ reveals a slightly more unstable side of their personality through Browning’s use of imaginary conversations between the crowd and the narrator: “give me your sun from yonder skiers!” Through Browning’s use of voices in texts is displays societies fickle nature of loyalty as the crowd eagerly replies with “and afterward, what else?” This exaggeration exemplifies the lies society is willing to promise in order to be led and the ridiculous extent to which they can admire ‘The Patriot’ and then almost immediately change their minds on an important political movement and villanise ‘The Patriot’. The official turning point in the poem takes place...
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