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Topics: Face, Tulip, Arithmetic mean Pages: 4 (1010 words) Published: March 5, 2014
1. Alternative ending
2. Play Script
3. Interview with the author
4. Front cover
5. Book recommendation
6. Diary entry
7. Film of the book

1. Alternative ending
The last chapter
I went on with my life, without Tulip Pierce I felt better, what she said was: “Natalie me and Tulip need to talk to you tomorrow after school in front of the cafeteria on the first floor. This chat will bring a smile on your face and will make you happy. Also the talk will also be about Tulip’s smiling at you every time you see her.” The next day the school went so slow that I almost slept in mathematics. I took my books and my jacket and went to the cafeteria. While I was walking I was thinking that Tulip sat a trap and was going to catch me and drag me to her basement so I can live there forever. I was so surprised after all that fear because Tulip looked normal then usual and her mouths opened and what came out of them was: “Look Natalie I am really sorry of how I acted before I was such an idiot.  Could you possibly forgive me and we could possibly turn a blank new page with a fresh new start. I was so surprised with wide eyes that it only took me one second to realize it is definitely a yes and that’s what I said. Since then Tulip has and safer from all that trouble. I guess she is gone forever from my life if she doesn´t apologize or do something which I could really tell she misses me and I am proud of her. The strange thing is that every time she comes to school, which is only sometimes, she is hanging around a girl named something like Ruby, and Tulip is since then acting really nice which somehow bothers me as if she is going to get revenge on me with her little friend Ruby. I made a strong and tuff wall between us and I new soon will Ruby do that because she will get sick of Tulips games and her act of being good. One day Tulip and I were in a class and we had to work in groups, so the face that I made...
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