How Did The United States Decided To Entry To World War I?

Topics: United States, World War II, World War I Pages: 4 (898 words) Published: July 3, 2016

As we all know, the US government was kept a neutral attitude about World War I in the beginning. Due to the identity as a neutral country, America was trading with both the Allies and Central powers so that it had obtained lots of money. However, when the war was near to an end, America finally decided to entry into the war. The most direct causes are mainly had two points. One is that the Germany announced to resume unrestricted submarine warfare. Although whose purpose was to make a block to the UK, it not warned in advance but randomly strike the ships that into the UK, which made a threat to America, because it hampered America to earn money and caused the deaths of 128 Americans that infuriated the citizen from America . Another is the...

During World War I, with the identity as a neutral country, most of the time, America was trading with the Allies, providing various supplies about 10.5 billion dollars and ten billion dollars loan to the Allies. However, due to some contradiction between America and Germany, there is almost no trade links between America and Central Powers. Therefore, once the Allies failed to win the war, they will have no capacity and money to pay the loan back, so America had to entry the war to help the Allies to defeat Central Powers. Only in this way, can the United States avoid the economic loss. At the same time, America wants to plunder some captured equipment and obtain more profits from the war. When both of the Allies and Central Powers weaken each other and become exhausted, America began to participate in the war that helped the Allies to win the war, then America can reasonable to obtain profits. As the Chinese literary quotation said: A yellow bird behinds when Mantis catching cicadas. America was like the yellow bird as the beneficiary. There is no doubt that the US government decide to take part in World War...

When the war ended in a deadlock, America took part in the Allies. With the victory of the Allies, the international reputation and influence of America had greatly improved. Not only that, the United States replaced the leadership position of British in the west after the war. What’s more, in January.1918, when World War I came into an end, Wilson, American president, put forward American foreign police the Fourteen Points. He claimed that it was the peace guideline of the world. It is fully disclosed that American’s desire to be the world’s overlord, so the US want to use the war to achieve its...
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