How did the Nazis use propaganda during the Holocaust?

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Party Pages: 4 (1480 words) Published: September 24, 2013
How did the Nazis use propaganda during the Holocaust?
The Nazis used propaganda during the Holocaust to do a few things. The first thing it was used for was to make sure that nobody in Germany read or saw anything that could potentially damage the Nazi party or make the Nazi party be seen in a negative way. The second thing it was used for was to make sure that the Nazi parties’ views were shown in the most persuading way possible. The third thing it was used for was to make sure that the people in Germany who had supported the Nazis during the elections had made a completely correct choice and that their party was strong and their leadership was too. The fourth and final thing it was used for was to show those who had opposed that Nazis in the election that there was no point in continuing to oppose the Nazis and Hitler. "The function of propaganda is to attract supporters, the function of organization to win members... Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea...." - Adolf Hitler, 1924. To make sure that everyone in Germany thought in the right way Joseph Goebbels who had just been made Minister for Propaganda and National Enlightenment in the March of 1933 set up the Reich Chamber of Commerce in the same year. The fact that Hitler appointed Goebbels into such a high position with so much power shows that Hitler thought it was very important to win people over or intimidate them into accepting the Nazi rule. This Chamber of Commerce handled art, music, films, literature, radio etc. To make any of these things you had to be a member of the Reich Chamber. The Nazis decided if you had the suitable papers etc. to become a member of the Reich Chamber. Anyone who wasn’t allowed be a member wasn’t allowed publish any work or perform any music etc. If you were disobedient to this rule the punishments were very severe. This policy meant that Nazi Germany had a system of censorship....
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