How Did The Mongols Build An Empire

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The Mongols were a tribe of fighters who left behind a legacy of achievements. The

Mongols were the descendants of the famed Empire Builder Ghengis Khan. They have

played a more prominent role in world history than any other people of North or Middle

Asia. They were able to create a world empire, with the help of Ghengis Kahn.

Ghengis Kahn had a huge role making the Mongols a world empire. He was a

Mongol chieftain who rose to power as kahn. Ghengis Kahn was able to unify and

organize the scattered Mongols and other nomadic tribes into a superior fighting force.

Ghengis Kahn set out on a spectacular career of conquest. His goal was to train "the

most disciplined and most effective army of his time."He trained his men to be masters


They were the first to accept and encourage religious tolerance in their empire.

They accepted many religions, from Buddhism to Christianity and Manichaeanism to


The Mongols were able to develop a written language. The creation of the first

Mongol written language was another legacy of Chinggis Khan. “In 1204, even before

he gained the title of "Chinggis Khan," Chinggis assigned one of his Uyghur retainers to

develop a written language for the Mongols based upon the Uyghur script.”


Another legacy was Ghengis’ support for both trade and crafts. Ghengis recognized

early on the importance of trade and crafts for the economic survival of the Mongols and

actively supported both.

Lastly, Ghengis left behind a legal code, “ the so-called Jasagh, which consisted of a

series of general moral injunctions and laws. The Jasagh also prescribed punishments

for transgressions of laws relating particularly to pastoral-nomadic society.”


The Yuan dynasty, also known as the Mongol dynasty, was a dynasty established by

Mongol nomads. The Yuan dynasty stretched to Mongolia and Siberia in the north,...
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