How Did The American Revolution Support The French Revolution Dbq

In 1787, the framework of the French Revolution was established through delegates assembling in Philadelphia during the American Revolution, which marked the end of the economic depression in America and increased central government authority. This made the American power increase from Montesquieu’s ideas of checks and balances and interest around the world. The American Revolution influenced the French through the numerous pamphlets and articles written about classical liberalism that Americans were undergoing, whereas the French took these ideas of a republic and this sparked the French Revolution. The ideas of these French participants went from requests of removing government neglect, which later led to demands of liberty for the people in the country, and then turned the people towards radical efforts of protecting the French Revolution. The requests of representation belonged to the third estate, who received little to no say in their government. This negligence is visualised by the chaier, also notebook, of the poor estate with no dictation of money since divides upon poor men earnings are large and mostly minimal for higher estates (Doc 1). The poor people who …show more content…
The main objectives of the lower estates was the obliteration of negligent government, liberty for the third estate since they were the majority excluded from any basic freedoms, and the stage of radical protection in order to keep the idea of the republic intact. These were not solely democratic changes, but a necessary step towards a more democratic mindset, which is enjoyed in modern times in developed countries like the United States of America. Also the principle ideas of the American Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were influenced through the written work titled, Declaration of the Rights of Man, thus these works during the French Revolution helped impact the modern

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