How Did Stalin's Contribution To The Economic Policy Of The Soviet Union?

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Stalin wanted to carry out the economic policies to turn the Soviet Union in to a modern world power meaning a self-sufficient state and military strong socialist state. Stalin wanted to show that supremacy of communism over capitalist nations. To add to that, Stalin wanted to fix the living standards of all Soviet citizens. Stalin wanted to feed the population, but in order to that, he wanted or needed the soviet agricultural sector of the economy to be more prominent. Stalin waned to increase the agriculture sector with farming machinery mainly tractors which were found in many of his propaganda movies.
The first economic policy was collectivism. The Soviet Union needed approximately twenty million more tones to feed the towns. Since at the time industrialization was starting more tows and more people where moving thus increasing the people. Stalin needed a huge
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The first plan, which was from 1928-1933 focused on heavy industry such as coal, steel, oil and gas. Dams and hydroelectric plant where built for factories. Workers were assigned to factories individual. Safety standards were ignored, Stalin just wanted people working day and night. That is why workers where heavily regulated meaning that they were fined or even fired (losing their houses) if they did not come to work. Propaganda companies urged worked to work as much as they can, rewarding them and even posting their faces on the New York Times. Although many died to working a lot, diseases and illness. The production did increase between 1928 and 1933 coal increased by 35.4 million tons to 64.3 tons. Stalin stated that Russia was a 100 years undeveloped but by 1938, it had crushed Britain and Germany. Towns and cities where expanded, however the housing conditions where poor. A lot of the families lived in two rooms. In 1932 Stalin had announced the plan had achieved the

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