How Did Americans Contribute To The Idea Of Manifest Destiny

Pages: 5 (1071 words) Published: January 13, 2018

As the nation continued to enlarge, Americans would cite many economic, political, cultural, and historical arguments to justify U.S. territorial expansion. Politicians, literary figures, educators, newspapermen, and religious leaders contributed to the whole new idea of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny implied that God gave the Americans the power to move west and spread its protestant religion, capitalist economy, and democratic-republican political system. The term became known in the summer of 1845 when a newspaper editor, John O'Sullivan stated, “Our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions." Throughout the years of 1800 to 1850, there were many events,...

James Madison, Secretary of State, was nominated by Jefferson to become president. In 1808, Madison was elected as U.S. president. One of the wars that happened during Madison’s presidency was the War of 1812. British delays in meeting U.S. demands over neutral rights combined with political pressures from the war hawks finally persuaded Madison to seek a declaration of war against Britain. In addition, America wanted to seize land from the Native Americans in the West, drive the British from Canada, and even annex Spanish Florida. There were many debates over the war. Some Americans, such as Henry Clay, stated that there was no purpose to go into war against Britain for Canada. However, those who supported the war, stated that Britain was stopping America from prospering economically, wanted to push away British influences, were violating American neutral rights, and to protect the ships because they were captured by the British. After the war, the Treaty of Ghent was brought to end all hostilities and return all conquered territories to the prewar claimant. It led to an agreement between Britain and the U.S, to demilitarize the Great Lakes in the Rush- Bagot Treaty. For $5 million the U.S received Florida. But it wasn’t that long enough, before the United States to become the hegemonic power in both North and South...
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