How Dance Has Affected Me

Topics: Dance, Cheerleading, Social dance Pages: 3 (1263 words) Published: December 4, 2013

How Dance Has Affected Me
If I had to give one reason why dance has changed my life, I would say that it's because it gave me so much within the numbered dance we had together. When I was 5 years old I asked my mother if I could join ballet. I had been growing obsessed with it for the past year of my life. I loved to watch videos of ballet recitals that my cousin Lucy had performed in. I was extremely jealous of her. She was tall and thin and she looked regal and poised while she was running around in her tutu. My mother agreed and I was enrolled in a class later that week. I loved ballet, I was ecstatic walking into the room and when we did our exercises I did them with obsessive enthusiasm. Dance taught me respect for myself and respect for others. I continued with ballet for 6 more years, and I learned many things about myself and the world, now that I look back on my experiences. Although I loved dance and how I was able to freely express myself, it did come with some negatives. Dancing can take you to an incredible high, but can brutally crush your ego as well. As a child I took gymnastics, cheerleading, and ballet. All three are very physical activities that definitely wore me out and all three were competitive. Any competitive sports (yeah I count them both as sports), are expensive, and putting yourself out there is frightening. You are vulnerable to other peoples comments about something that you have been trying to perfect for months. The whole week was consumed with my activities, I usually went to my first class right after school and I did not leave the building until 7 or 8 pm which is very exhausting for an 11 year old. Additionally, I also started to gain a very negative view on my body. I was shorter than the other girls and I was a little bit chubbier. I was refusing to eat, making excuses that I had a big lunch, or that I was tired to eat. I was getting scary skinny and...
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