How Can We Make Our Town a Better Place to Live in

Topics: Pollution Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: February 13, 2011
How can we make our town a better place to live in?

The living conditions in our city are getting worse and worse. Exhaust fumes and smoke from the factories are polluting the air and trees are being cut down. Furthermore, the river is being polluted by chemicals from the factories and people are suffering from breathing difficulties and stomach problems. We should do something before its too late. The first thing we can do is to stop throwing litter. Also, the city should place more garbage bins. People should be more informed about the dangers of throwing your litter under the woods. This way, our city will be cleaner. One thing we can also do is to use paper and cloth bags instead of plastic bags. We can also fight against water pollution. We should stop using the products of companies whose factories cause pollution, so we will force them to use environmentally friendly production methods. The government should close these companies who have polluted rivers for a long time. This way our rivers will be cleaner. People would have clean water to drink and to swim in. There is also a way to fight against air pollution. It is mostly caused by factories, so we should force factories to put filters on their chimneys. We can also ban cars from the city centers and public transport should be improved, so that we could travel less and less by cars. All things considered, there are many solutions to all the problems. The sooner we put them into practice, the better our lives will become.
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