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How Can Promote Chinese Culture Worldwode?

By successmakerDCiCi33 Feb 25, 2014 286 Words
How can we promote Chinese culture worldwide?
It is known to all that China has a long and magnificent history as well as many other things such as the Great Wall, poetry, Chinese painting, calligraphy and so on. These things are all unique in the world. We have our own culture and tradition which attract many foreign tourists coming to China in order to experience the charm of the Chinese culture.

As far as I am concerned, the unique feature of Chinese culture is that it has a pretty long history and charming culture. Our tea culture and many traditions are unique that many countries don’t have, for instance, Lantern Festival, Dragon boat Festival and Double-ninth Festival and so on. These things make me proud of being a Chinese.

The culture and tradition are important to us, thus, what we should do is to make people pay more attention to preserve our tradition and to promote Chinese culture worldwide. But how to promote it? For me, I think the first important thing is to develop our country. With the economic strength, we can take measures to promote and preserve our culture better. Secondly, we can use media such as TV, books, Internet and other things to publicize our culture and traditions to not only foreign tourists but also foreign students study in China. Let more people in other countries know Chinese cultural, like Chinese cultural and experience the charm of Chinese culture are the most effective way to promote Chinese culture worldwide.

In summary, Chinese culture is profound and splendid, so let us take pride in Chinese culture and try our best to promote it worldwide and let more people know the charm of it.

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