Hot or Not

Topics: Anorexia nervosa, Eating disorders, Girl Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Hot or Not
By: Jeane Khang

Elegant - This word, once used to describe ladies with great refinement and taste in style, has been erased. Instead, our era’s boys have replaced it with words like “hot”, “sexy”, and the list goes on.

The definition of “hot” has become universally known to translate as a nice “rack”, long legs, and flat stomachs. As a guy’s common vocabulary changes to express his attractions, a girl’s clothing choices will evolve to suit a guy’s attractions just the same. Therefore, one-piece swimsuits have become a big no-no in society and bombshell bikinis have come to supplant them. Being a teenage girl myself, I have also slipped into the typical wave of girls that would never be caught dead in a skirt below the knee-level. Although I would sometimes rather be wearing a hoodie and sweatpants on a school free dress day, I wouldn’t dare risk it for fear of being cast as an outsider. To many boys, how much a girl reveals of her body seems to supersede their personality. The times for long dresses made of high quality velvet and lace sleeves has become outdated and instead, girls choose short-shorts, tank tops, push-up bras, and V-necks. Somehow, it has become normal for girls to show as much skin as possible, in order to satisfy the requirements of being “hot”. By dressing in trashy, inappropriate clothing just to show off parts of their body, a girl’s sense of self-respect decreases significantly. We deserve to at least be able respect ourselves, and a possible solution for this is if the majority of boys change their attitudes.

Guys should start putting a girl’s character first, and looks second. If we could only bring back words like elegant, sweet, and cute, perhaps our gender could once again turn “girls” into “ladies”. And not only that, if the typical boys’ perceptions of a perfect girl evolve, then girls can spend more time bettering their personalities rather than focusing on starving themselves to achieve that perfect stomach....
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