Hospitality Industry

Topics: Discrimination, Gender, Strike action Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Just like all controversial topics there are many pros and cons to everything. When talking and discussing about unions in the hospitality industry I feel that they bring more negativity to a work place then positive. I am against them and think that the industry works perfectly fine without them out. One of these negativities is that they have the three strike system for their workers. If you do something (for example late to work) you receive a warning. If you are late to work two more times then you will be fired. However, if you are late to work twice and then you make a costly mistake (your first) to the company then you will just be warned. The three strikes only apply to each concentrated area strikes are not taken from different areas. This is not good for the hospitality industry, because if there is someone who is a weak link it could cost a lot more problems than it is worth. If stealing, lateness, and costly mistakes are constantly given another chance it could lead the owners to go into debt. If someone does make a mistake depending on how server the mistake was they could receive a warning. If it happens again then they should be let go.

Another reason why unions should not be allowed in the hospitality industry is because of unnecessary lawsuits that might occur. These lawsuits would include gender discrimination along with racial. If hospitality needed help they will want to find the best match for the job that is available. No one is going to discriminate against anyone; they want what is best for their business. To do this they look at the whole picture instead of what is seen on the outside. If unions were to come to the industrythey would take away the fun and freedom of the hospitality industry. It is great how it is and should not be changed!
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