Hopelessness In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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Recall a time in which you felt as if your presence on this planet was a waste and utterly purposeless. This feeling of worthlessness will not only cause harm to you but to others if that feeling transitions into your reality. When capturing elements of emotion that come out of a family dynamic, you must take everyone’s perspectives into account. Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” shines a light on the feeling of being worthless and showcases the side effects of the lethal injection, worthlessness, as in this case, it’s contagious, and the side effects of this feeling can be seen through the perspectives of the family members. The ironic aspect of this story is played off as a lethal injection to a family. Gregor was the breadwinner. That …show more content…
The caregiver was forced to go through a transformation and slowly transition from a normal, human life to that of a giant bug. As this took place, the family realized the situation at hand and slowly but surely distanced themselves from the thought of Gregor and cast their emotion to the wayside to ultimately realize that the big bug living in their house was not their loved one anymore. The old saying of “no matter what, you’ll always be our boy” is the furthest possible thing from applicable to this story. As it is realized that Gregor is deadweight, and he can no longer provide the necessary work input to survive, he simply became deadweight and died. If you were to change the quote from above to try and depict the perspective of the parents, it would be something like, “you will always be our son just as long as you can provide for us and don’t turn into a giant parasite.” All jokes aside, Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” does a great job presenting how the feeling of Gregor being worthless can be cause not only his family to believe his is worthless but let that factor disrupt the ebb and flow of their life as a unit. Gregor simply did not belong and was relieved of his duties. There was nothing left for him in this world, so, while his family is continuing to live without him, he concluded his metamorphosis by moving on into the

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