Hong Kong Popular Music

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Da Yuan
Instructor: Nicholaus Meyers
MUSC 100: Music Appreciation
11th November, 2012

The Popular Music in Hong Kong

When talk about the popular music we know the 1960s was the golden age of world's popular music, and also the rock and roll. Hong Kong also followed the world’s step. The Hong Kong music was full of happy and freedom atmosphere since Hong Kong economic started to fly at that time. Young people began to contact the western trend. Radio became the main channel of music. The radio in English was priority, so did the foreign music.

The Riot of Band
In the early 60s, "Sing Tao Daily" and "Li’s Call" jointly organized Hong Kong Amateur Singing Contest. Because of the warm response, Band tide raised. After the Beatles visit Hong Kong in 1964, local band (group Band) wide spread more quickly. At this time the Diamond record company, also the Polygram’s predecessor, had more support for local band production and publication, mostly the young student’s band.

The young men at that time were honest and pure, combining band were not for money, so it formed a healthy competition era. The way they explored mostly by singing contest, party or radio reports, the famous bands were countless. They were cover foreign famous band's songs usually, but also have strong local color and added their own style. When the most famous were TeddyRobin & ThePlayBoys, their first album was “Lies”. Their recorded themselves, and direct send the tracks to radio station and been uncovered. Back in the day, bands didn't play convenient like today which could go to a recording studio any time, so recording sounded original. When they were at a recorder to play, recorded and listen to, record round and round until it has been recorded to satisfaction. The passion and willpower for music helped young people better to feedback Hong Kong popular music.

A lot of the band members have become a very important music maker today. Some of them has become the pillar of society, such as President of Universal Music Group in the asia-pacific region, Mr. ZhengDongHan (father of Ronald Cheng), is one of the TeddyRobin & ThePlayBoys. Another one who created a trend of Cantonese song, Sam hui, was also the leader of the Lotus. Although the young people in bands were considered as bad kids, but the growth brought from playing band, the enthusiasm and the tough achievement gave them brilliance future.

Mandarin’s Land
At the end of the 1960s, mandarin pop song was priority, because the movie company Shaw Brothers made Chinese movies blockbusters. It brought mandarin songs’ popularity. Had been popular with English songs, mandarin songs have their own group of followers. In the early 70s, when the band atmosphere was dropping, mandarin songs get more popular from Taiwan and spread to Hong Kong, mandarin song comprehensively landed in Hong Kong.

One of the most representatives must be Teresa Teng, her sweet tender feelings of sound sang out a lot of famous moving songs. With Chinese minor melody, blew everybody’s mind. Teresa Teng was the most appropriate who can represent the Chinese society. Many of her classic songs, such as "the Moon Represents My Heart", "Almost a Love Story", "Come Again", "Words", "I Only Care About You", "Town Story", "I Wish People Long" and "Goodbye my Love" and so on, were unforgettable works. She is not only Hong Kong, Taiwan but also the mainland of China’s treasure. As long as there are Chinese people, full of Teresa Teng’s home feeling song are shocking every overseas homesickness people for a long time.Teresa Teng later went to Japan, use music to break the limitation of national boundaries, send music into everyone's ears.

Time of TV’s
The appearance of television made Hong Kong information technology entered a new century, shocked the whole society and the music as well. The new media’s development even became the new index of the trend, which makes Hong Kong’s numerous band singers to become...
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