Homosexuality, Genetics or Preference?

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Bisexuality Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: June 22, 2008
Let us begin with a definition of homosexuality. Homosexuality refers to a sexual attraction and or behavior between people of the same sex. In origin the word homosexual comes from the Greek word for “same” with the Latin word for “sex”. In my opinion, homosexuality can be classified into two groups - one being sexual orientation and the other being sexual preference. Homosexuality as a sexual orientation refers to an enduring pattern or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, or amorous attractions primarily towards people of the same sex. It also refers to an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them. On the other hand, sexual preference on homosexuality is something that one learns although their orientation. Homosexuals have continually emphasized that sexual orientation, rather than being a personal choice or lifestyle (as it is often presumed to be) is neither chosen nor changeable. Homosexuality’s invitation to biology has long been standing unanswered. The very term “sexual orientation” connotes the deeply rooted nature of sexual desire and love, which implies something innate. It demands biology. The origins of human sexuality and homosexuality in particular have puzzled philosophers, psychologists, and ordinary people alike for thousands of years. In order to correctly understand the genetic argument that homosexuality is inborn, it is imperative to understand the basic concepts of behavioral genetics. Behavioral genetics, as stated by Baker – a scientific journalist for the [National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality] otherwise known as NARTH, is the study of genetic influences on human behavior. Basically it is the study of genes, operating within the environment. There are basically three kinds of inquiries to demonstrate the genetic basis for homosexuality; they include family studies, twin studies, and...
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