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Homosexual Marriage

By noelcsw Dec 12, 2013 396 Words
Santa Cruz, an editor of Sentinel Editorial Board, expresses his view of supporting the same-sex marriage in the United States. In view of the deterrent reasons of opposing the same-sex marriage, he shows his respect towards the churches and religious groups. However, Santa believes that while the same-sex marriage issues are being put into the court, the government should place marriage equality into the first consideration, instead of the arguments among different groups in the society. He regards marriage as a basic and vital right for every citizen. The law of allowing marriage should be equally applied to every citizen, no matter they are homosexual or not. And there is no reason that we have right to deprive homosexual citizens of having marriage.

Personally, I sincerely applaud the view of Santa Cruz. Homosexuality is not a grave evil and the homosexual citizens should by no means be deprived of the right to get married. What is more, love is a god-sent gift to mankind. We all yearn for true love to come upon us. We, therefore, should not prohibit homosexual from chasing their Mr. Right or Ms. Right. Showing no discrimination towards the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender community) is not enough. What we should do is to let it flourish naturally, respecting the homosexual and trying our utmost to help them overcome obstacles. No established norms or artificial obstacles should destroy the sacred and precious love relationship. I am not asking you to hide your own opinions and encourage the development of homosexuality. However, we should try to understand their needs and difficulties. Some of them are born to be homosexual, which doesn’t equal that their freedom is pursuing their own love should be forgone at the moment they are born.

Specially put the concern to the law of same-sex marriage; I bear in mind that marriage is nothing more than showing their promise and respect to the one they love. Their right should not be deprived because they love someone that the general public doesn’t perceive it as ‘normal’. Additionally, we should instead show more support to appreciate their courage in expressing their own willingness out even there are strong social pressure. All in all, it is unfair to put homosexuals at the point of ‘abnormality’. In pursuit of an equally-respected society in long term, supporting the homosexuality marks the beginning.

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