Topics: Leadership, Animal Farm, The Animals Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: August 6, 2014
iwjdfeiwjfiewjgio4jNapoleon because he wasn’t selfish and thought about the future of “Animal Farm.” First, the dominated farm animals viewed Napoleon and Snowball differently at different times throughout the book. The way the animals reacted to each leader brought upon new problems of the farm. The animals respected Snowball, and believed that his teachings were all true and had a good cause. Although Snowball and Napoleon had superior qualities leadership, it was clearly Snowball who had the better qualities for running a farm. Under Snowballs’ rule, the animals were generally content with what was going on and were all for it if it was to better the farm. It was obvious that Napoleon had the better half of getting his own way on the farm. However, the animals had some problems with Napoleon but they didn’t know haw to express their feelings and show him that they didn’t like the way he ran things. It was the animals’ ignorance that helped keep Napoleon in rule for as long as it was. The responses were so different between the animals that it must have been a drastic change between Snowball and Napoleon. The response was different because Snowball had such a bond between him and the animals. Napoleon, being the big pig that he is, was not to be messes with on the farm and because of that the animals were trying to get around the problems themselves and not go straight to the problem...Napoleon. With Snowball in rule, the animals were more at ease going to him and talking about what bothers them. In conclusion, Snowball was a better leader for the farm than Napoleon, the animals reacted more harshly to Napoleon than to Snowball, and this reaction was obviously because of Napoleon’s selfish use of totalitarianism. Few Animals
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