Topics: Homeschooling, Education, Alternative education Pages: 4 (1223 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Have you ever thought about teaching your kids at home? When children become of age and it is time for them to start school, many parents question what is best for their child’s education. Nowadays parents choose to homeschool their own children instead of sending them to traditional public or private schools. Homeschooling is an educational method of teaching children at home or in another non-school setting. The number of children whose parents choose to educate them at home rather than a traditional academic setting is growing and become increasingly popular in United State. Homeschooling can provide more direct and focused education. Families choose to homeschool their children because they are not happy with the educational options available. They tend to believe that their children are not progressing within the traditional school structure. Home schooling in the United States has become an increasingly popular alternative to public education. According to The Journal for Quality and Participation, Aasen mentioned that for more than one and a half millions of children study at home. This number tends to increase magnificently each year. On average, kids whom homeschooled can make higher scores on their tests compared to the kids from public or traditional school (p.12). Stone said home schools have increased twice in each recent year. Parents chose the different way other than inside the class at school for kids to study (p.33). Even though there are several reasons that make parent choose to homeschool their kids, there is also a reason why parents choose not to homeschool. Stone’s article (2011) stated that homeschooling offers more freedom and gives opportunity to families who are deciding to teach their children at home. In the 1980s, studying at home was legal in all 50 states. Most parents chose to teach their kids at home (p.33). In Stone’s article, he asserted that homeschooling could render the same result as the traditional and...

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