Home and Family

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: November 15, 2008
Home and Family

The American family structure is in a state of disarray like never before seen in history. We have sacrificed the blessings of family in exchange for self-gratification. Since the family is the basic unit of society, the family is of critical importance. In order to repair the rifts in our society we must begin by repairing the family by returning to the original plan for the family. Through the first man Adam, God instituted and ordained the home and family. While his wife saw him as the source of her life, Adam committed himself to her to the extent of choosing death by her side rather than life without her as sentence was passed because of her transgression. They considered themselves not individuals, but one, and became one flesh in their children. Self was offered in sacrifice on an altar of mutual love. Almost six thousand years have passed since those first wedding vows were spoken. In that time variation of thought through the deception of the serpent has continued to distort and corrupt what God in the beginning called good. Back-alley discussion and four-letter words now describe the once sacred union of a man and his wife. Live-in situations without commitment and children without the benefit of wedded parents have replaced God’s ordination of a man, a maid, and a man-child. Home and family, peace and joy, health and length of days are offered in sacrifice upon an altar of “free love”. All are not so selfish and taken in their own cowardice that they will not marry. However, many that do marry speak eternal vows over crossed fingers and with premeditations of divorce if this thing doesn’t work out. Their contract is written upon the tables of a non-committed heart and any coincidental product of their union may just pay the consequences in long-lived tears of anguish. Home and family, peace and joy, health and length of days are offered in sacrifice upon an altar of no commitment. Many marry, become one...
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