Holocaust Essay

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Holocaust Paragraph Essay
When the war and the great depression ended, European countries were nearly bankrupt. After World War 1, Hitler found his new beginning as a leader. Germany felt like after the war all of the countries were ganging up on them, so they wanted another war. This then lead to the Holocaust, a murder of approximately six million Jews by Nazi’s. The first step of action was you cannot live among us as Jews. Second was you cannot live among us, and last you cannot live. Hitler and the Jews had every step planned perfectly.

The first step of action in the Holocaust was the Jews cannot live among others. A demonstration of this was in 1933, Germans burned Jewish books such as bibles. Many rights were starting to be taken away like in 1936 they were no longer allowed to buy the newspaper. In 1938, they banned the right to marry and took away licenses and car registrations. There was also a night of breaking glass, on the night of November 9. Germans targeted Jews on this night by breaking into houses. At this point Jews were starting to realize the violence against them was bound to increase.

The violence continued to the second step, you cannot live among us. In 1939, 850 Jewish refuges attempted to enter British-controlled Palestine illegally. Germans then decided that they couldn’t live with them so they sent Jews to the ghetto. The ghetto was surrounded by barbed wire or walls. In the ghetto, food and jobs were scarce and many died.

Lastly, Jews cannot live. Many deaths occurred on the trains to the concentration camps by exhaustion, starvation, dehydration and suffocation. Once Jews got off this train, they were in concentration camps for labor. In 1930 Germans started to make mobile killing units, like gas rooms. By 1944 and 1945 there were death marches in which approximately 250,000 to 375,000 perished prisoners died.

Over all, the Holocaust was planned very well by Hitler and his people. Anne Frank once said “Inspite of...
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