Holistic Care Plan

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Holistic Care Plan
Millena Gershon
Rasmussen College

Author Note
This research is being submitted on August 2, 2013 for Michelle MacDonald NUR4529 Public Health and Community Nursing

Holistic Care Plan
A primary focus of holistic nursing is to bring “caring” and “healing” back into our health care system. The first step in this process is for nurses to learn to love and care for themselves. While this may seem a selfish pursuit, learning to care deeply for ourselves by taking the time to nurture ourselves physically, emotionally ,mentally and spiritually is absolutely essential. When we do so, we begin to realize our wholeness and we actually become a healing presence for our patients (Thornton, 2008). Although nursing is inherently holistic and often focuses on health promotion for patients, there is little evidence supporting interventions that enhance the health-promoting behaviors of nurses. This study examined the effect of a holistic program, the Collaborative Care Model Program, and the development of a self-care plan on the health-promoting lifestyle behaviors (as measured by the HPLP II) of RNs. There was a significant increase in the overall pretest to posttest HPLP II scores of the experimental group as compared with the control group over 3 months. In addition, there were significant increases over time in the interventional group in spirituality, nutrition, and interpersonal relations ( McElligott, Capitulo, et., 2010). Nursing Diagnosis: Altered nutrition Related to bad eating habits at work, not having enough time to prepare nutritious, balanced meals (Lorenz, 2013). Nursing Interventions: Take food from home. Make time to prepare nutritional balanced meals. Drink 6-8oz glasses of water a day. Goal: Change bad eating habits to three nutritional balanced meals by the next week. Evaluation: Verbalize importance of nutritional balanced meal. Nursing Diagnosis: Spiritual distress Related to not having enough time and energy for...
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