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Topics: Time, Term, Engineering Pages: 2 (256 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Sub: Design Hygiene factors to be Administrated by Vehicle Architecture 1. Availability of all parts and Sub assemblies in DMU
2. Supplier parts availability in DMU
3. Availability of all Aggregates in Vehicle Co-ordination System 4. Clash and Clearance availability between Aggregates
5. Serviceability, Accessibility and Maintainability (SAM) checks 6. Suspension parts (including Rubber parts) Deflection in Clash analysis 7. Pipes and Wiring Routing clearances
8. Both Static and Dynamic (Actuation / Loading / Deflection) conditions to be subjected for Clash analysis 9. Tracking all Issues raised in Clash analysis and Resolution 10. Repeat all verification in Pre-proto, Pre-Pilot and Pre-Bulk production stages to capture all Design changes in all stages of Design. 11. Modularity across models

12. Tracking all Deviations raised by Designers on Issues raised in Clash analysis 13. Alternate source parts clearance in Clash analysis
14. Post-launch design changes on account of Production, Field and other requirements to be subjected to Clash analysis. 15. Periodic update of Design guidelines for assembly clearance

Sub: Vehicle Architecture Function in short term and long term Short term (next 3 years):
* Clash Analysis
* Issue Tracking
* Participation in Design change management
* All the processes for Basic models only
Long term (After 3 years)
* Design envelop creation
* Clash Analysis
* SAM check
* Modularity across models
* Issue tracking
* Documentation of Deviation approval
* Participation in Design change manage
* Time evaluation for all Architecture functions with Resource availability * All the processes for All models with variants
* Periodic update of Design Guidelines
* Subset creation for All possible Engineering combinations with Aggregates
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