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YANBUUNIVERSITYCOLLEGEPREPARATORY YEAR PROGRAMSemester – 121, 2012-2013| | Calculus for Management - I (MATH 111)| Section ____________| |

Student Name:______________________________ Student ID: __________________Total Marks: 20 Marks Obtained: ______________| |


After each question, a blank space has been provided to write your solutions. Simplify your answers. Q.1 a) Find an equation of the line that passes through the point (4, -7) and is perpendicular to the line 2x-15y+64=0 [2 Marks]

b) Determine whether the lines through pair of points A-3,8, B1,-5and C-9,-2, D(8,4) are parallel, perpendicular or neither. [1 Mark]

Q.2 Find the domain of the given functions [2 Marks] a) fx= x-7x2-16

b) fx= 1x2-9

Q.3 Based on a study in 1987, the percentage of the Russian population by age afflicted with radiations from
sun is given by the function.

P(x) = 0.0465x2+0.02227x+4.9623 (0≤x≤25)

Where x is measured in years, with x=0 corresponding to age 60. What percentage of the Russian
population at age 75 is expected to have been affected by the radiations from sun? At age of 80?
[2 Marks]

Q.4 The projected number of gluten allergy curing drug in (thousands) used in...
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