Hitler Outline

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, World War II Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Adolf Hitler vs. the World

I. Early Life
A. Birth
1. April 20, 1889
2. Braunau-am-Inn, Austria
B. Parents
1. Alois Hitler
2. Klara Hitler
3. Both died when Hitler in teen years
C. Rough teen years
1. Moved to Vienna
2. In and out of homeless shelters
3. Struggled to find work, sold paintings cheap
4. Joined German Army as last hope
II. The impact on Hitler during World War I
1. Accepted into 16th Bavarian Reserve
2. Spent four years in German Army
a. Hitler called this the "greatest and most unforgettable" time of his life
3. He was awarded the Iron Cross medal.
4. Wrote Mein Kamph based on experiences in war
a. He gains power and his leadership creates 1000 year Reich
5. Hitler blamed Jews for loss in war
III. The way to prison
A. German Workers Party
1. Hitler retired from the Army
2. He focused on his group German Workers Party
3. This party was based on opposition of Jews
B. Munich Beer Hall “Putsch”
1. November 1923
2. “Storm Troopers” sent into conference
3. Tried to take over Germany in this conference
4. Plan backfires
5. Hitler sentenced to five years in prison
IV. Hitler takes over Germany
A. Laws
1. Hitler Begun making new laws
2. Laws no longer protected citizens
B. Hatred towards Jews
1. Jews were not allowed to hold a public job
2. Propaganda was used to stir up hatred against the Jews
3. Forced to wear Jewish Stars of David for humiliation
4. Forced to attend All-Jewish schools
V. World War II going downhill
A. Hitler’s “Final Solution”
1. Hitler tries to take care of business
2. Concentration Camps are going on.
a. Life in a Concentration Camp
(1) Unsanitary
(2) Awfully crowded
(3) Little food, often starving people
(4) Separated from loved ones
(5) Almost all eventually die
3. The Holocaust killed six million Jews
B. Hitler’s Mistake
1. Signs Agreement with Joseph...
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