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Topics: Sparta, Battle of Thermopylae, Ancient Greece Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: October 21, 2013
History Project: Sparta, Ancient Greece

The section of the cartoon “Iron Constitution”, that is about Sparta, will be analyze. It is part of “The Cartoon History of The Universe” that was written by Larry Gonick in 1977. He was one of the most well-known and respected cartoonist since his beginning in 1970 (Gonick,L.2012). In the cartoon “Iron Constitution” from Larry Gonick, you can find a lot of information about the society of Sparta, the way they lived, etc.; the information seems mostly complete but with a few missing details that could make the reader understands better the history of this population. In this critique, the elements that seem doubtful or incomplete will be examined on few points of view and then will be compare with the information found in other sources, such as book, article and scholarly websites. The three main points that will be discussed, to be able to judge the accuracy and the historical content of the cartoon, are the place of women in their society, the homosexuality and the Sparta soldiers, what also includes the training they have to make to become a soldier. To begin, in the cartoon “Iron Constitution”, the women are described as having more freedom and being more respected by the society and the male, what makes them special in the Greece because they are the only “respected” women. They had more responsibilities and rights than in other Greek cities. They had the possibility to received public education, to do military exercises to get stronger physically, but they were also encouraged to built their intellectually and emotionally system by owning property and ran Sparta while their husband were at war (Gonick L. 1990, p.233). By getting stronger physically, the society believes that the women will give birth the stronger babies than other cities that negligee the physical education of the women. The other Greek girls didn’t have that chance and were unfortunately not educated and weak (Sparta, n.d, 2013)....
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