History of Abnormal Psychology

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History of Abnormal Psychology

History of Abnormal Psychology
Abnormal psychology has been around for 100 years. During this time there have been many different theories of what cause a person to have abnormal behavior that go far back as the biblical time. Over time scientist and doctors have developed diagnostic criteria and treatment for abnormal behaviors. The study of abnormal psychology looks at aspect of life, internal and external factors that can contribute to abnormal behavior. Origins of Psychology

History of psychology dates back century ago with people who spoke words of wisdom, the many philosopher’s teachers who words spoke of intelligence. Philosophers relied on observation and logic to draw conclusions. The philosophers of the early centuries, had interest in the world and, the things in it, how things work and what makes them function. Philosophers of early times relied on methods such as observation and logic; however psychologists in this age use scientific methods in the study human thought and behavior. According to psychology historian (Morton Hunt), an experiment performed by the King of Egypt, as far back as the seventh century B.C. can be considered the first psychology experiment. The king interest lied in knowing if Egypt was the oldest civilization on earth. People like Newton, Darwin, and Freud changed the course of the history of science. Johns Locke, a philosopher who also was trained in medicine, had an impact on psychology; the way humans acquire knowledge and understand the world and education. Locke believed that a person environment had a much effect on behavior. Wilhelm Wundt's approach to psychological experimentation moved psychological study from philosophy and the natural sciences and used physiological experimental techniques in the laboratory. Also Sigmund Freud founder of psychoanalysis and psychodynamic approach of psychology. Evolution of Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology as a...

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