Hisitorical and Theoretical Foundations of Workforce Education
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Workforce Education 560
Foundations Paper
Fall 2011
Submitted by
Ruth Ann Jackson rjack@psu.edu 814.933.9128

During the course of the semester, we have learned about the many historical, philosophical, social, theoretical, and economic foundations of Work Force Education and discussed how they relate to each other and to the missions of the field. In this paper I will add my topic to the mix and set forth how I think the foundations and missions interact and support my research topic going forward. The paper is organized into the following sections: Introduction, body, summation, and references to date. The body is organized into five areas. They are: Nature of research topic, Missions and historical foundations, Philosophical and social foundations, Theoretical foundations, and Economic foundations.
Nature of research topic
The subject of my research is spiritual leadership and its impact on customer outcomes in a hospitality setting. In my reading I found that there was much written about the positive impact that spiritual leadership has on empowered teams. Empowered teams are the subject of many articles relating to guest satisfaction in hospitality settings. Leadership in hospitality organizations presents special challenges especially with respect to involvement of the customer in virtually all processes and the intangible nature of service as a product. I would like to explore what facets of spiritual leadership are particularly effective in this unique setting.
Leaders of Hospitality and other service organizations have unique challenges as compared to their counterparts in other industries. Food may be the primary product of a restaurant, but most of the “manufacturing” is done right in the same place that offers the service. Workers are expected to be friendly and cheerful toward both the customer (guest) and their co-workers. They are expected to care about what happens to the customer. The product is really the

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