Hinkley vs Pg&E

Topics: Metal, Chromium, Hexavalent chromium Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Hinkley v. PG&E
Hinkley is located in the Mojave Desert, near the town of Barstow, California. It is not far off the famous Route 66, about 150 miles from Las Vegas. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, Hinkley is an important point on PG&E's natural gas pipeline as it travels from Texas to California. PG&E lied about the type of chromium they were using, their chromium was poisonous, and lies were told to the community saying that the chromium being used was actually good for them. A little town in Hinkley Ca. was the most affected by this actions of PG&E. their water became contaminated and so many civilians got very ill. When the cooling water became saturated with undissolved solids (like chrome 6), PG&E discharged some of it into unlined earthen ponds located at the compressor station. Even more shocking were the amounts of residue left on the soil after PG&E sprayed contaminated wastewater into the air. After the water dried, soil-containing chrome 6 was free to blow in the wind where it could be inhaled by living things.These cases of many people couldn’t have been unheard and that’s when Erin Brokovich came into the story. Erin became wealthy and a very good lawyer soon after winning the case of Hinkley vs PG&E. the alleged chromium 6 was the main palying role in the case. Chromium is a member of the heavy metal group of iron, lead, mercury, and arsenic. Chromium 6 as well as lead, mercury and arsenic are very toxic not only to cells but also on the body tissue. Chromium typically bears a charge of +3 or +6 which is a highly- oxidized state for a metallic element. According to the Agency for toxic Substance and Disease Registry , chromium is used in 3 main industrial areas: metallurgy ( manufacture of different metals and metal materials), refractory ( heat-resistant applications) and other chemistry applications. Basically chromium is used specifically for making stainless steel and other different metal alloys also used in orthopedic joint prosthesis,...
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