Hilda Hurricane and Brazilian Literature

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Throughout Brazilian literature, many writers took their time to incorporate some of the nation’s historic events into their novels in the hopes of making them known to the people whom were never taught on the subject keeping the historical event alive. Roberto F. Drummond, a journalist/author from Minas Gerais, Brazil, decided to do the exact same thing by using history as a backbone to all his literary creations. Drummond focused on historical events that not only affected the nation, but the world as well. Due to his superb writing skill, many critics became fans of Roberto Drummond and enjoyed his pieces with much appreciation. There is also much respect for the famous author due to the fact that he started his writing journey by working for the once popular newspaper in the city of Belo Horizonte, Folha de Minas. His success in the literary community began when he published his first book of tales A Morte de DJ em Paris in 1975. Due to the popularity of the novel, and the respect received by many prominent faces in the literary community, Roberto Drummond won his first and only Jubati award. Though Drummond gained much success from A Morte de DJ em Paris, the romantic novel Hilda Hurricane became his biggest success, along with the easiest novel he had written for it only took in 64 days to finish it while it took him years to finish some other novels that he published, yet did not do as well.

Despite popular belief, Hilda Hurricane was not a cliché romantic novel. There was much more to the novel than it appeared. There was history. The novel was written to remind the Brazilian people of the revolutionary era of the 50s and 60s which played a big role on Brazil’s economy, political views, and most importantly the strength of the people. According to Lizandro Carlos Calegari, the word revolution becomes significant in the novel, and Roberto Drummond utilizes the word in many different forms to highlight the usage of the word during the era in which it...
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