Highly Satisfied Customers Produce Several Benefits for a Company. Using One of the Following Companies as an Example: (a) Priceline.Com, (B) Iprint.Com, (C) Letsbuyit.Com, (D) Buyerzone.Com, or (E) Chemoconnect.Com.
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Few innovations in human history encompass as many benefits as ecommerce does. The global nature of the technology, the opportunity to reach hundreds of millions people, its interactive nature, the variety of possibilities for its use, and the resourcefulness and rapid growth of its supporting infrastructures, especially the Web, result in many potential benefits to organizations, individuals, and society. These benefits are just starting to materialize, but they will increase significantly as EC expands. It is not surprising that some maintain that the EC revolution is as profound as the change that accompanied the Industrial Revolution.
There are many factors influence to the success of EC companies. Customer is one of the most important factors. Companies should always listen to customers and satisfy them as possible. Highly satisfied customers produce several benefits for a company. Using customer relationship management service, customers may provide information overtly through surveys or contests in which they indicate customer preferences. Customer also provide valuable business information through many ways such as email, face-to-face, or indirect methods. From these collected results, company can provide the better products or services that can satisfy customers at the higher level. Priceline.com is a typical example of utilizing highly satisfied customers to get success.
Priceline.com is a commercial website which helps users obtain discount rates for travel-related items such as airline tickets and hotel stays. The company is not a direct supplier of these services; it is similar to a web portal, providing comparative pricing from an assortment of service companies
It first gained prominence for its Name Your Own Price system, where travelers would name their price for airline tickets, hotel rooms, and car rentals. The price would be compared to undisclosed prices in the Priceline database, with the purchaser knowing the location and name of the

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