Heredity and Individuals Personality

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According to Rogers, "behaviour is basically the goal-directed attempt of the organism to satisfy its needs as experienced, in the field as perceived.” This statement by Carl Rogers, I believe gives an insight into the important effect of the environment over heredity traits. An individual’s personality is dynamic and can be referred to as a combination of characteristics and traits which are unique to an individual and considered stable with time. It is different from one person to another and it does change and becomes more stable in the long run.

Personality originates and is shaped by various factors ranging from heredity, culture, family background, life experiences and our individual interactions with people. Heredity is a single factor while the others constitute environmental factors. Heredity plays a minor role in the sense that it passes down the inherent traits from our ancestors. These traits constitute the base of our personality while all other environmental factors tend to mould the existing traits found in every individual into what personality or characters they end up possessing. An individual may be energetic because of his heredity but been active or inactive on his own is dependent upon his training. That said, heredity tends to be more of a foundation, base material, but environmental factors performs the shaping of an individual’s existing traits. The human character is mostly formed during the period of early childhood. Many parents take this fact into consideration and then take care of the baby very carefully. They provide comfortable environment for children to learn, to play and to develop generally. Basically, parents need to be involved in children's life. For example, Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP) works to help parents learn new ways to become involved in their child’s life and education. These studies indicate that regardless...
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