Heredity and Hormones

Topics: Endocrine system, Psychology, Human behavior, Pancreas, Genetics, Endocrine gland / Pages: 3 (581 words) / Published: Feb 8th, 2009
The biological basis of behavior is the study of genetic traits that are passed down from generation to generation. I will compare and contrast the hereditary and hormones that affect human behaviors. I will identify the hormones and glands as well as describe the endocrine system.
Heredity, and hormones, can affect behavior. Human behavior starts as thought processes in the brain. The different roles are that hormones can change our behaviors if they become imbalanced. Hormones are secreted by glands, which are controlled by a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This is how the brain controls and maintains body functions like emotion. The role of t hereditary behaviors comes from genes that are passed down by biological parents and grandparents. The genes inherited decide the shape, size, and the internal makeup of the brain. Genes do not directly cause
Behavior, but they affect the development of the brain functions that do change behaviors (Psychology: An Introduction, Morris and. Maisto 2005). Some genes can happen late in life and this could happen with a hereditary mental illness that can cause erratic behaviors. The endocrine glands release chemical substances called hormones that are carried throughout your body by the bloodstream (Psychology: An Introduction, Morris and. Maisto 2005). Hormones secrete inside the brain and send messages. The messages can affect human behavior because they control sleep, emotion, aggression and stress, bloodstream (Psychology: An Introduction, Morris and. Maisto 2005). The thyroid gland secretes the hormone called thyroxin and it controls the body’s metabolism. The pineal gland regulates the hormone melanin, which regulates sleep (Psychology: An Introduction, Morris and. Maisto 2005). The pancreas lies in a curve between the stomach and the small intestine. The pancreas controls the level of sugar in the blood by secreting two regulating hormones: insulin and glucagons (Psychology: An Introduction,

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