Henrietta Lacks

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Chapters 12-22

QUESTION 16: Making healthcare affordable to all Americans has been a recent political focus. What does the the story of henrietta lacks and her family add to the discussion?

The United States has the lowest unemployment rate its had in years. I can understand why the recent focus is to make healthcare more affordable. Most people in America are classed below the middle class line, which means they really don’t make enough money and is hard for them to afford medical or dental attention(healthcare).

The story of henrietta Lacks and her family adds to the discussion because, Henrietta’s family and her could not afford the proper medical attention necessary to be properly treated. But in her case she had gotten very lucky because the doctors had found something never discovered before so they had the perfect opportunity to pretty much use her as a lab rat. In the past political years as president Barack Obama has been in chair there has been a better change to the healthcare system. Medi-cal is one of the better changes. “Medi-cal is California's public program that pays for health and long term care services for low-income Californians, as well as others with very high medical expenses.”

Being from Canada where healthcare is free then coming to America, I can see why healthcare can be more affordable to all Americans has been the recent focus. Many people suffer and or live with conditions untreated because they know that they can’t afford it and don’t want to put themselves in debt any more then what are already, unable to pay for the bills that come at the end of the treatment can be crucial because medical treatment to so expensive.
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