Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Art, Fiction Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Art is a subject that can not be described in a single sentence. Hundreds of people could write about their philosophy on art, yet none may contain a common thought. It can expose a radical array of emotion from jubilance and ecstasy to depression and despair. Art is power. It is raw emotion delivered on paper, on canvas, through speakers, or over soft chatter at a coffee house. Art is a savior, rescuing souls from the darkest corner of their minds, bringing hope to an otherwise dull existence. Art has the ability to unite the masses and rally around a cause, strengthening humankind for a brighter today. Art is healing. In Rick Docksai’s article, “The Sounds of Wellness: Music May Have Charms to Suppress the Savage Gene,” he writes of a New York City hospital that used music as a medication for stroke patients. Docksai mentions that after undergoing music therapy, people who have suffered a stroke often regain some of their speaking abilities (Docksai). Regardless of the form, art has the ability to discover oneself. It can pull thoughts and memories from an unexplored region of the brain. A world without the glory of art would lack excitement, interest, individuality, and expression. In a word, art is life. Ernest Hemingway never fails to enlighten readers with his literary genius. Through his craft of short stories, Hemingway masters the use of literary elements using a combination of his imagination and real life experiences. He struggled with love, settling down, alcoholism, and his memories of war; converting his emotional instability to literary masterpieces. Hemingway is known for using minimal detail throughout his works, leaving the theme and character’s emotion up to the reader’s own interpretations. In his short story, Hills Like White Elephants, Hemingway rarely mentions names, notes who the speaker is, and never uses the word “abortion,” the intended conflict of the story. Beneath his subtle dialogue, Hemingway leaves imagery, symbolism, carefully...
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