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How I Have Impacted the World

Who wants to make changes in the world? I do because I want to help others and make the world better.When you help others you’re helping the whole world. You’re helping the world by giving to each other. Giving means (to help) one another when ever they need help. For example: If some one is getting bullied and falls to the ground you should help them. Do not just leave them sitting there feeling left out, being sad, or even walking around by himself or herself.

Sometimes people don’t realize it, but when you help someone, you are in a way helping yourself. All the good you may do, others will always copy what you are doing all your life. No one knows when or how he/she is going to need help. I am 12 years old right now. I began to help an old lady with her yard work this year. She would always want to pay me, but I always refused to accept it. But I took it some times because she forced me to take it. The work was not an issue for me, I really enjoyed helping her. The main reason was that she reminded me of my grandpa, and I wouldn’t want him doing yard work. Also I do not think people should accept money from an elderly person.

Until I graduate from high school and get a job, I am going to make time to help her out as much as possible. When you do something for someone else, it feels good. I often wonder when I get old will I have someone there to help me? Will I have the strength and energy to do the things myself? I know that I will always help others, and whatever happens in my life, I will always have the memories of the people that I have helped over the years. As we look at our own lives we should think about is there any other ways we can we can make difference in people’s lives. You may help out an organization, I feel that my experience with helping people has made a difference in peoples lives. for example: The lady that I help with her yard work, is more happy now then before. As you go...
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