Helen Keller

Topics: Deaf culture, Helen Keller, Deafblindness Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: October 21, 2008
How Helen Keller Inspired the World
The contributions that Helen Keller gave to the world of the blind and deaf are unforgettable. They continue to this day to influence many people throughout their daily lives. Many of those people are those who are not affected by blindness or deafness, but are regular people who became influenced with Helen Keller’s miracle story.

Helen Keller has taught me many things about life, and how to live it. She has taught me how to not worry about the little things, but to take advantage of the big things. How to never give up, no matter how incapable you are of doing it and to keep trying. But most of all to share the joy of life with others because you only get one, and you can never go back.

Helen Keller has touched so many lives; from the day her dark world was opened to this present day. She has installed so much hope and faith for the world of the blind and deaf that she will forever be remembered. Helen has given the blind and deaf communities a universe of possibilities. From Braille being accepted in 1932 as the world’s standard alphabet for the blind, to sign language and speech lessons for the deaf and blind. She has also made it capable for the blind and the deaf to go to a regular college and even graduate with flying colors. Helen has made so many things possible for the handicapped community that no one will ever be able to thank her enough for everything she has done.

Helen Keller was very much a humanitarian. Humanitarian: One who is devoted to the promotion of human welfare and the advancement of social reforms, and by that definition is why I have immense admiration for Helen Keller. She was beyond great, and brought so much to this world that without her; this world would be empty with hope and faith. I hope that one day I will be able to do something that is half as great for someone, like Helen Keller did.

With an uncommon combination of intelligence, courage, and sensitivity, Helen Keller faced the...
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