Heat by Mike Lupica

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Heat by Mike Lupica

Question number 11 asks me if the book Heat has helped me in any way. This book has helped me in a way because it taught me a lesson. Heat showed me that even though a situation may seem impossible for you to overcome, but if you keep your head up anything is possible. Michael Arroyo, a 12-year-old pitching phenom from Cuba, is an illegal immigrant as well as an orphan living with his brother. If the Social Services heard of the situation, Michael and his brother, Carlos, will be separated and maybe even sent back to Cuba. Nobody knew that Michael was an orphan. His father died of a heart attack a few months before Michael started becoming a rising star. If authorities found out about the death of his father, Michael and his brother would be sent back to Cuba, where his hopes of becoming a professional baseball player would most likely vanish. Even though Michael was always under the radar of powerful authorities, it didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a player in the MLB. He continued to work hard and at the end of the story, Yankee’s star pitcher and Michael’s idol, El Grande, locates a copy of his birth certificate, which makes him eligible to compete in games. This story taught me that if Michael can keep his head up through his father’s death and always living under the fact that at any given day he could be sent back to Cuba, I should be able to keep my head held high through any situation as well.

Also, I will be answering question number 8. In the beginning of the story, Michael was very scared and nervous at all times. He acted this way because if the government found out about his father, he would be sent back to Cuba and be separated with his brother. At the end of the story, however, Michael feels a lot more happy and relieved to do what he wants. The truth about his father’s death comes out, but his coach takes him into his household temporarily. Now, he isn’t keeping all of his feelings bottled up and...
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