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Topics: Medicine, Health, Poverty Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Predominating Notions of Health and
Their Evolution
The notion that poor people have more health problems has been a predominant notion that has shaped society since the 18th century or even earlier. As Helen Epstein researches , she exposes her knowledge and concerns through the “Ghetto Miasma: enough to make you sick?” we gain a notion that there exists a correlation between poverty stricken neighborhoods and health. It is through the account of people like Juanita, Beverly, and Noemi among others who prove the correlation of poverty stricken places with their deterioration of health and increase in stress. On the other hand in the essay, “Racial Categories in Medical Practice: How Useful Are They?” researchers make a coherent argument that racial profiling leads to erroneous medical conclusions. According to Williams (2007), “the nation of race has developed instead of a social experience it has developed in to a, “underlying genetic homogeneity” (p. 1424). If indeed a correlation exists then it is fundamental for the physician to inquire about it, medical researchers need to prove the reasons and under what circumstances it is vital. Without that established the health care system appears racist and the notion of racism with health never terminated. According to Jauhar (2010), The World Health Organization says, “it’s the context of people’s lives that determines their health, so blaming individuals for poor health or crediting them for good health is inappropriate” (p. 3). Healthy living choices should be encouraged by health campaigns, because blaming them or punishing them would oversimplify a complex issue.

Epstein makes an effort to prove the correlation of poor neighborhoods with deteriorating health, made such correlation true. It is not solely stress that increases disease, but it goes much PREDOMINATING NOTIONS OF HEALTH 3

deeper. The notion that poor are susceptive to diseases and...
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