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Malnutrition is indicated by impairment to physical and/or mental health resulting from failure to meet nutrient requirements. The deficiency of nutrient is a result from lack of nutrient consumption. Most of the effects of Malnutrition include low birth weight, impaired growth, high infant mortality, anemia and other specific nutrient deficiencies.

Malnourished children often experience loss of mental capacities. They become sickly and loss their presence of mind. Because of this children that are malnourish often have low performance in school.

School feeding program is done to reduce the number of malnourished children and improve their nutritional status and at the same time improving their performance inside the class.


Every human being has the right to health. This is a basic right which is guaranteed under the Philippine Constitution of 1987 Article 11, Section 15 stated that “the state shall protect and promote the right to health of the people and instill consciousness among them”. Casson (1998) says, “Every person who has good health is sure to excel in an endeavor while a person with poor health generally has problems in life.”

Kasilak/Jollibee Foundation sponsored the Busog Lusog Talino Program. This program is expected to be able to eliminate “Short Term Hunger” by providing lunch in the schools made up of low cost with high nutrient food.

Some Grade I pupils in Kilabong Elementary School are having poor nutrition. Most of them are underweight which one of the sign that the child is malnourished. If this continues, the effect may be harmful to child’s growth and development.


HIGH 90-100%
AVERAGE 80-89%
LOW 70-79%

A diagram showing the BLT Feeding Program as the Independent Variable and Nutritional Status and Academic Performance as the Dependent Variable.


This research deals with the effect of BLT feeding program to the nutritional status and academic performance of Grade II pupils in Kilabong Elementary School. Specifically, it answered the following questions: 1. What is the effect of the BLT feeding program on the nutritional status before and after administering to Grade II pupils? 2. What is effect of the BLT feeding program on the academic program before and after administering? 3. Is there any significant effect of the feeding program on nutritional status and academic performance of grade I pupils?


This study will determine two null hypotheses:
1. There is no significant relationship between the feeding program and Nutritional Status of Grade two Pupil. 2. There is no significant relationship between the feeding program and the academic performance of grade two pupils. 3. There is no significant relationship between nutritional status and academic performance before and after the administering the feeding program.


Nutrition is the process of absorbing nutrients from food and processing them in the body in order to keep healthy or to grow.(Encarta Dictionary) Food is the source of nutrients that provides living things with the nutrients they need for growth and energy. Nutritional Status Is defined by using the following indicators, weight, height and age as classified. Feeding Program is feeding the children to improve their body condition and reach the normal level of nutritional status. Severely wasted referred to the malnourished children who needs to be feed properly. Normal is referred to healthy in terms physical, mental and emotional. Wasted is referred to the partially malnourished.

Academic Performance refers to how students deal with their studies and how they cope with or accomplish different tasks given to them by their teachers.


The result of the study will be...
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