Health Care Marketing Reflection

Topics: Obesity / Pages: 4 (1154 words) / Published: Jun 21st, 2015
Health Care Marketing Reflection
Jessica Borgstedt
June 1, 2015
HCS 539 Marketing for Healthcare
University of Phoenix
Dr. Kehoe

Health Care Marketing- Obesity
As the Americans debate of what is most to blame for the nations obesity epidemic, the researchers say they have the strongest evidence yet that sugary drinks play a leading role and eliminating them would, more than any other single step, make a huge difference (Hojjat, 2015). That being said they estimate the effects of fast food restaurants advertising on children as well as the adolescents being overweight. There is a basic idea which is related to the obesity infrasture which is ‘the root of the obesity problem that lies in the powerful social and cultural forces which promote an energy rich diet and a sedentary lifestyle” (Brownell & Horgen, 2004). The environment has intensified over the past 30 years by opening more fast foods restaurants and more advertising, the economics of food and being able to make it clear that the profit motive of the food industry is not consistent with our current nutritional needs for our population. According to Hojjat, the estimated effects of fast food restaurants advertising on children as well as the adolescent being overweight (2015). That being said with a ban on these types of advertisings would reduce the number of overweight children age 3 to 11 in a fixed population by over 18 percent, the causes range from the lack of education about food, limited cooking skills, as well as limited money to buy the healthier food to longer working hours. As well as the marketing campaigns for junk food, which is aimed at the kids (Hojjat, 2015)? With the dramatic rise in obesity one thing can be explained by the environmental factors, that there has been little emphasis on the obese person’s economic environment (Hojjat, 2015). The broader problem lies with the growing disparities in incomes as well as wealth, declining value of minimum wage, food imports,

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