Health Benefits of Beer

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Literature Review
My topic that I chose for this lit review is beer. I decided to do beer because it is something that me and my dad have in common and can bond over. Beer is not just an alcoholic drink for me there is more substance there. Beer is interesting because every beer company makes their product differently. Also beer is one of the most sold products in the world and I would like to find more information of it. Humanities:

Miller, Carl. “Beer and Television: Perfectly Tuned In.” All About Beer 25 Feb. 2008: 29. The source Beer and Television: Perfectly Tuned In would fall under the category of Social Sciences. It would fall under this category because the article is about beer commercials and how it affects business. There is really only one way to judge a beer commercial and that is is if the commercial makes consumers buy the product. Every commercial is a little different but every one of them has the same message, buy my beer. The article discusses the way the beer industry grew due to television. Every beer company realized they needed to make their product well known so that people would go out and buy it. These companies did this by creating short and sometimes funny commercials. The search for the perfect beer commercial has been around since the invention of the television in American culture in the 1940’s. In the 1940’s no one knew what a good commercial was because the television had just been made. Since the prohibition era had just ended beer breweries were wary of putting their product on the air at first. Some critics thought that this type of commercial intruded peoples’ living rooms and thought it offended people. For this reason the breweries only aired the commercials late at night and never on Sunday. The American bar was the first home of the television. In Chicago half of all television sales were bars. Meaning that the beer companies could target their product directly to the beer drinker in a bar stool. In the early days of television, television was dominated by sports programs. This is great for selling beer because “sports sell beers”. The article does a wonderful job of showing how the beer industry grew immensely due to television commercials. I like how many industries used tough macho men to promote the light beer campaign. Also the catchy jingles and funny cartoon skits would get stuck in your head so that when you went to the bar or to the alcohol store they would buy that product. The article used easy words so that the common man would be able to understand and reflect upon it. The article shows how competitive the beer industry was for the best commercial, giving the reader a descriptive past of beer. This article is linked to my topic because it shows how competitive the beer industry was with selling their beer. Mennella JA; Beauchamp GK Developmental Psychobiology [Dev Psychobiol] 1993 Dec; Vol. 26 (8), pp. 459-66. Beer, breast feeding, and folklore. It is common practice in our society to breast feed. It is believed in folklore that if the woman breast feeding drinks beer, than the baby will become healthier. Some other folklore is that if the woman drinks beer it will increase her milk supply, lessen the feeding pain, and it increases the hormone needed to create breast milk. So a group of scientists decided to have an experiment to see if drinking a beer really did do all the legend said it did. They had 12 lactating women with infants participate in the experiment. Six of whom drank an alcoholic beer before feeding and the other six drank a non-alcoholic beer. Then a week later at the same time as the week before the roles was reversed. What the experiment found was that: the infants drank less milk when the mother had the alcoholic beer, drank for longer, the women felt they had leftover milk in their breast, and the babies acted the same with both milks. Scientists would have liked to keep researching but, prolonged exposure to...
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